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Webby Award

Go team!

Election Night Credentials

Starting to go through the enormous amount of work from the campaign. These are the credentials/invitation that all guests were required to wear to get you into the event where the president spoke on election night. I was honored to once again collaborate with the wonderful and talented Jessica Hische on them.

fluf > Jan 04, 2013

Playing our first show in years as part of The Casbah’s 24th anniversary celebration. Tix available here:


An amazing and surreal way to wrap things up.

ARTCRACK Los Angeles

Poster designed for ARTCRACK Los Angeles. Available here:

Ambassador Barzun Poster

Poster designed for Ambassador Matthew Barzun.

Go Vote

Let’s Ride

For a friend’s bike shop.


Available here: SOLD OUT.

More Fun With Type

More nickname sketching.

Fun With Type

Got inspired. Crafted my nickname. Love type.

Antonio Machado

Finished this recently. A gift for a friend on the campaign to her new fiance.

Grant Brittain Limited Edition Deck

A limited edition deck I designed for Grant Brittain. Available here:

Crossfit / Reebok

Just received photos of this project I did for the Crossfit Games. This was under the flightpath at LAX as the athletes came in from all over the world to compete.

Les Bon Temps


Identity for LoveLikeBeer’s upcoming creole event.

MCA Billboard

MCA Memorial Billboard in Los Angeles, collaboration between Shepard Fairey and Glen E Friedman – RIP MCA.

Julia on the Daily Show

Crazy. Funny. Surreal.

The Definition of Hope

Finished another one for the campaign. Available soon at:

Yes We Can

Another one for the campaign. A collaboration with Mike Carnevale.

Thanks to Typeverything for the post:

Available here:

Don’t ask don’t tell poster

Poster designed for The President, Signed by The President. Grateful.

Allan Peters

Stoked and grateful the poster is still helping type students. Thanks Allan!

Release the Kraken!

Subtext Gallery’s Release the Kraken! A group exhibition featuring vintage aquatic paintings re-imagined by 30 artists
. Aug 12th – Sept 11th
This is my contribution to the show.


Too Late

Ain’t that the truth

Ain’t that the truth.

Fender Heart Shirt

Just finished a few pieces for Fender. This is one of the first to be produced.

Typeface not font!

Its TYPEFACE not font! My biggest pet peeve explained.

EightHourDay Post

Still finding it’s way around and raising money for students of type. Very appreciative.

When opportunity knocks…

When opportunity knocks…

Doyald Poster Thanks

Thanks to all that have help spread the word about the Doyald Young poster. Some nice scholarships will be had. So grateful for that.

Doyald Poster

I started this project with Doyald Young in November of 2010 and was to be a gift from myself and Doyald to one of our mutual friends. Before the poster was finished sadly, Doyald passed away. The day after his passing, I contacted Jessica Hische, she graciously and beautifully brought the project to life. The poster took a whole new direction from a gift for a friend to a way to raise money for a type scholarship in Doyald’s name. The poster is 15 x 20 and is letterpress printed on Classic Crest 130 lb Solar White.

Invisible Creature

A huge thank you to all that came out last night and packed The Casbah for the Invisible Creature + The Black Heart Procession design/music event. A special thank you to Invisible Creature, The Black Heart Procession, Set & Drift & The Casbah for taking a chance with something a little different. Here is a great wrap up of the evening:

“Leroy C.” by D-LUX

Invisible Creature shared this last exclusive look at a custom edition of their “Leroy C.” by D-LUX before tomorrows show. Also, The Black Heart Procession have gone all out and will be preforming with full band and horns. Really excited to see all this goodness. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

IC New Poster

Getting excited about the show. Don from Invisible Creature shared this new poster they just finished today. I thought you might like to see one of the many projects they will be speaking about this Saturday.

IC Apr. 2 Poster

This just came in the mail. First 200 through the door this Saturday get one. Gold metallic ink. Yum.

IC’s Target Giftcard

Invisible Creature recently finished these awesome gift cards for Target. See and hear the process behind them this Sat. Apr 2

IC 3

So stoked. The Invisible Creature event featured on one of my favorite sites. Looking forward to seeing you there.

IC 2

Recently Target’s creative HQ had Invisible Creature out to speak to their team for inspiration. This is the poster to commemorate the event that you will see live on the 2nd. Hope to see you.

Diamond Knuckles

For the bride who means business.

IC Post

Leroy – Invisible Creature’s contribution to the Super 7 Monster Family. See him live Apr 2 at The Casbah. More info here:


DOYALD YOUNG: In type class I felt like the most fortunate person alive when my name was chosen out of a hat of 30 to work one-on-one with him. What I learned from him that day and for years to come went way beyond good design or type. This email is a great example of that and what a giving person he was. It has sat on my desk for the last 12 years as inspiration to strive to do good work and be a good human. He was the kindest most generous man and a one of a kind talent. Thank you Candice Lopez for introducing me to such an amazing man. I as many will miss him very much.

IC Press 1

More press on Invisible Creature’s amazing work. They will be in San Diego April 2. Tix here:

USA Today

Wow. Phonography + USA Today. Thank you Jeff, Clea & BLAW for all your support and being amazing partners of the show.

8 hour day

One of my favorite sites.  So honored.

IC #2

After a year of trying to pair these two great entities and the world famous Casbah, it has finally come together. I’m so excited. I hope you can join us for an inspired evening of sights and sounds.

HOW / Haiti Poster Project

The Haiti Poster Projects gets some love. Thank you HOW.

Phonography Doc

Phonography documentary and opening night photos are up here:

Stephanie blog

I am honored you think so. Thank you Stephanie.

Phonography – Thanks

My sincerest gratitude to everyone that came out last night to support the show and Haiti relief. And to the creative minds that made the show possible with their photos. It was an amazing night. I can’t thank you enough. Video and photos here: Print Magazine wrote a great piece here:

Arrested Development


The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope. —Frank Lloyd Wright
Img: Michelangelo Durazzo

Pick Two


Been working on this for a few months. Hope to see you. BLAH will be bar only but Miho Gastrotruck will be out front serving food from 7-9pm.



Lee 12.28.10


Happy Holidays


What a great way to start the day. Honored.

Helvetica Poster

Received a nice surprise today. Support Gary Hustwit’s new film

Well Played

Well played.

What Type Are you?

Very cool.

Harry Talk

Harry Will be discussing The Haiti Poster Project among other things and the inspiration and process for his contribution.

Google Machine


Please, Please, please, let me get what I want.



flickr Posterstream. From the first (shown here) to the latest skull series.

Harry Pearce

A great way to end the trip. A invite to Pentagram, London from Harry Pearce. Honored & thankful.


Saw some great old friends last night. They still got it. A nice interview, take a listen:


Snaps and his creator. Paul Frank is your friend.


Must have now.

Type Nerd

Full Series

This is the complete series. All are 16 x 20 screen prints. Working on limited edition letter press versions. Larger versions here:

Hipster Obituaries


The streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you. Photo by Frank Paulin


Poster for The Supply Education Group’s fundraising event at the Openhouse Gallery in NYC.

World Trade

“The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense, whereas reality never makes sense.” – Aldous Huxley  /  via Peter Nidzgorski


Amazing new work from Dave Kinsey.

Question Everything

Comic Sans

Honesty in the workplace.




Words to live by

Wild Youth


MCASD brought some great artists to town for Viva la Revolucion one of which is an old friend I got to catch up with.


There is a horse in the Apple Store and no one sees it but me. via Frank Chimero.

Dimitri Tsykalov

More skulls. Sculptures by Dimitri Tsykalov.

Ai Poster

Crystal Corriea designed this great poster for my talk at the Art Institute.

Or Die

The last in the series… All done.

Skull Series

Here is the skull series. (Left to right): Motorhead, Princess, Fixie, Paranoid. One more in the works.


Just finished this poster for the Current show.

Look – Special ASR Opening

Gonz Poster

Just finished the Subtext show poster collaboration with Grant. We will silkscreen a limited edition of 75 available for sale at the show

Subtext Show

Old Helvetica Ad


Rebuild poster

The Haiti Poster Project site is now live! We have a lot of amazing work on there. Thanks to all involved. Producing 2 posters. Here is one of my contributions.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tshirt

Just finished the tour tee for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Poster project – Metropolis Mag

Our poster project got a some press. And as a added bonus, the kind folks in the art department designed and printed 4 posters of their own for the cause. Thank you Metropolis Magazine for your support. Click on the image to check out the online version of the article.

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